A doula provides educated, non-judgmental support to another woman and her family during pregnancy, labour and after birth.

Doulas are available to educate and provide physical and emotional support to families through their journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Mama Be Yoga recognizes that every woman’s journey through childbearing and birth are different. We strive to support each person and family on an individual basis.

Our doulas provide support before and during labour; we guide you through when you need us, helping with coping techniques and pain relief, as well as honouring and supporting the decisions, choices, and desires you have for your birth. A postpartum doula can provide breastfeeding and emotional support as you welcome your baby, as well as help with food preparation and tidying.

Our doulas are here to provide information, option choices, alternatives and prepare you for informed decision-making. We maintain an unbiased, non-judgemental approach, supporting families to be active participants in their lives.  

How Doulas Can Serve Partners

Growing your family is an exciting adventure! Having a baby can bring about a range of joy, questions and uncertainty for partners.

A doula can help partners feel more confident, provide relief during labour and postpartum, and is there to answer any questions about labour, birth and caring for a new mother and baby.

In recent history, fathers and partners were invited to attend the births of their children and shortly after given the role of “coach.” This model tends to put pressure on expectant partners, takes away from the ability to uniquely experience the birth and can often cause conflict between couples.

Birth is an intense experience and a challenge- not only for mothers but partners too. In addition to unifying support for the labouring parent, the doula is also a support for their birth partner. During prenatal visits, the partner can decide how their doula can best support them.

The partner's role in labour is important. It is celebrated and unified with the doula in the most beneficial way. Together, the doula and partner can form the perfect support relationship. With a doula present, who knows what to expect in labour and knows how to comfort, help cope with pain and tend to the mother's needs, partners are relieved of that pressure. There is more freedom to be part of the birth in whatever way a partner chooses and feels comfortable. A doula can make suggestions of how to help if you need, relieve you to rest or eat, and answer any questions along the way.

To learn more about what a doula can do for partners, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Yoga & Birth Doula Package

Private Prenatal Yoga Sessions to enjoy during your pregnancy.
$1300. Two prenatal visits, on-call
24/7, attendance at birth, one
postpartum visit // click here for additional details

Basic Doula Support

$850. Two prenatal visits, on-call
24/7, attendance at birth, one
postpartum visit // click here for additional details

Doula Support Package

$1050. Two prenatal visits, on-call
24/7, attendance at birth, three
postpartum visits // click here for additional details

Postpartum Doula Support

$30 / hour (minimum of 3 hours per visit)
click here for additional details