Private Prenatal Classes
Our private prenatal classes are an intimate opportunity for you to learn, share and prepare for your birth and new life with baby. Let's explore what birth can be like, your options and choices, what you need to know about your chosen birth place and everything else in between.

*We support your choices. We believe in you to parent your way! We're here to provide you with current information and options so you can make informed decisions.

Group Prenatal classes
Mama Be Yoga's classes prepare expectant couples with the information necessary for birth, skills helpful in labour and caring for a newborn, as well as exploring parents' expectations for birth and the postpartum period. Each class has been thoughtfully designed to share important information in a memorable way and instill confidence in expectant couples into labour and parenting.

The class environment is open and conducive to exploration of the topics that most interest you, in addition to other important information essential to childbirth preparation. We provide a non-judgmental space for you to learn and ask questions, whether in a class where you can connect with other expectant parents or in a private series with your course mentor.

We will explore:

  • Pain-coping techniques and practices

  • How Labour Works: stages of labour, hormones, and pushing

  • Optimal Positioning for late pregnancy and labour

  • Epidurals and Other Drugs: uses and side effects important to know for Mom and baby in birth and for postpartum/breastfeeding

  • Partners' Role: looking at the support person's perspective, expectations of them for labour, etc.

  • Induction/augmentation

  • Breastfeeding education, tips and common challenges

  • Preparation for welcoming your baby

  • What postpartum days can look like: birth to 2 hours postpartum, getting breastfeeding off to a good start, and the longer term postpartum adjustment

  • Accessing community resources and more!

Newborn Care Class
Expectant parents will learn all about breastfeeding, alternative feeding methods, options for bathing their baby, diapering, postpartum parent care and so much more.

Come to our newborn care class to learn what to expect in your first days and weeks with your new baby!

 Parents are often concerned that they may not know how to overcome breastfeeding challenges, bath their baby (or that their are various ways to do it!), about possible alternative feeding options, baby carrying, and all of the many other unknowns that arise with the addition of a newborn to the family. This class is a wonderful way to have all of your questions answered, help you prepare, and give you more confidence entering into parenthood.

We will talk about:

  • Breastfeeding and alternatives

  • Bathing

  • Sleeping arrangements and options

  • Ways to get more sleep (for parents and baby)

  • Baby carrying (your options and various methods, how they can be used in different situations, etc)

  • Diapering (how to, cloth diapering, bum care, cleaning stations, etc)

  • Challenges in the first days and weeks (what to watch for, how to overcome issues, etc)

  • Community resources (parent groups, community specialists, etc)

  • Ways partners can bond with baby

  • Infant massage and playful interaction (if you're wondering what to do with a newborn all day)

  • Postpartum care for mom and partner (what to look for, ways to make the transition easiest)


Group Childbirth Class // April, 2019
at Nourish Wellness, 9am-6pm. Inquire for pricing

Newborn Care Class // TBA




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