Tips for Postpartum Nutrition

"It’s an amazing thing motherhood. At first everything went smoothly, however once the sleep deprivation hit me and my husband was back to work, my own need for nutrition and nourishment flew out the window. I paid the price months later when my hormones were still way out of whack and mood and energy levels were at an all-time low. So, after learning the hard way I’ve made it my mission to spread the word and support other women to remember that they need to eat well and nourish themselves as well as baby in those early years (and beyond!)"

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Drawing Attention to Prenatal Nutrition: what you need to know

"More  and  more  research  is  published   each  year  which  points  to  prenatal   (pregnancy)  nutrition  as  being  one  of   the  most  critical  factors  influencing   childhood  and  adult  health."

Lyndsay Hardy, director of Mama Be Yoga, spoke with local Registered Dietitian (RD) Jacquie Reeds, MSc about prenatal nutrition and it's importance. This interview was originally published in The Sherman Hub News in Lyndsay's column "Mom Talk: prenatal and parenting wellness." 

This Q & A is loaded with valuable information for any pregnant or breastfeeding mama!

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