“I am so happy that I made the choice to have Lyndsay on my birth team. Her knowledge and know-how were essential in my experience. As a new mom some of my fondest memories while pregnant were the 2 times a week I would go to see her for prenatal yoga. Leading up to my home birth, I always had a sound board where I could express any fears I had, or how I was feeling emotionally and physically week to week. During labour Lyndsay was by my side coaching me, and guiding my husband on how he can help me manage my contractions. And provided support for my husband and I when it was needed. I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Lyndsay to be apart of your team. I hope she is available when #2 comes around!
- Tiffany Hunter

"I cannot offer enough thanks and praise for the support Lyndsay offered during the 24 hours after the birth of my daughter. She knew that breast feeding was important to me and did everything she could to help us get the best start in this. Lyndsay was there the whole time. She was very patient and encouraged me to remain calm while working on establishing a good latch. Despite huge challenges we were able to form a good latch and successfully breastfeed exclusively. Lyndsay encouraged me to pay attention to my baby's cues and what felt natural to me. In doing this we were able to breastfeed in a way that comfortably worked for us."
- Liz Forde

"The first thing I noticed about Lyndsay is that she is very passionate about what she does. She is such a great listener and is extremely knowledgeable about her field. I highly recommend Lyndsay for anyone who is looking for a doula or yoga instructor to help guide and support them on their pregnancy journey.  She is absolutely lovely."
- Dr. Renata Taravski, HBSc, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

"My husband and I did our prenatal classes with Lyndsay and we couldn't have been happier. She is so knowledgeable about women's bodies and pregnancy, the partner's role in pregnancy and labour, infant care, breastfeeding and postnatal care/body changes, and labour practices. She gave us so much thorough and practical information to prepare us for childbirth. Lyndsay's prenatal sessions were personalized to what we wanted to learn from her and her follow up emails going over everything we had learned in each session were so helpful. There were many times during my labour and after childbirth, that my husband and I referred to things Lyndsay had said or taught us during our time with her. Her perspective on childbirth is so positive and beautiful, that you can't help but embrace the positivity and beauty in your own experience."
- Sandy MacMillar

"Lyndsay was wonderful. It's hard to think about what could have been better. Our prenatal visits were great for me. I felt that she really cared about us both and was very knowledgeable and present with us. She also has a good sense of humour.  Despite the meconium that had me delivery at St Mike's rather than the The Birth Center or even home, knowing that Lyndsay was with me made that seem ok and less uncomfortable. She was great at encouraging me, holding my hand and also supporting my husband to support me well. She was also great at getting labour going when things seemed to have slowed down after a while, by doing the three sisters positions with me. Then it all got going!

We had Lyndsay come for 12 additional postpartum hours. I needed the support for breastfeeding and even just what to do with this new little person! She offered encouragement that was so important but also just held the baby that she helped bring into the world so I could sleep and my husband could get out of the house. She did some housework as well. We have kept in touch and she continues to offer support and resources.
For us especially having a doula was also a way of having another caring woman with me, as both of our mothers have passed away."
- Erin

"I can't imagine what our birth experience would have been like without Lyndsay. She did so much to help Kayleigh relax and help her through the labour; she was encouraging, supportive, and calming. Our situation was somewhat unique; our doulas were unavailable when Kayleigh began labor, so Lyndsay stepped in at the last minute, never having met us before, and immediately made us feel like we were in safe hands. She had a wide array of strategies and exercises to help Kayleigh along, but was willing to take a back seat so that I could feel like an active participant in the process. Lyndsay encouraged Kayleigh to go as far as she could in the labor process naturally, but when the time came where Kayleigh felt like she had reached her limit, she was 100% supportive of her decision. We owe Lyndsay so much for making the birth of our son a far less stressful experience than it would have been without her there. We have a happy, healthy baby boy that we love with all our hearts, and we are so grateful to Lyndsay for helping him come into the world."
- Sean and Kayleigh